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In particular, Nwoye, Okonkwo’s oldest man, likes Ikemefuna eg a sister

In particular, Nwoye, Okonkwo’s oldest man, likes Ikemefuna eg a sister

The bulk of the brand new book takes place in Umuofia, a group away from nine towns towards the down Niger. Umuofia is an effective clan, skilled in war and with a good society, which have happy life and advanced public associations.

Okonkwo features grown from nothing in order to a leading updates. Due to dedication, they have getting a great child certainly their someone. He has pulled three wives with his barn is filled with yams, new solution harvest. The guy legislation his nearest and dearest with a metal thumb.

One-day, a surrounding clan commits an offense facing Umuofia. To avoid battle, brand new offensive clan provides Umuofia that virgin plus one little boy. The lady is to try to become the offended party’s the fresh spouse. The brand new man, whose name’s Ikemefuna, is going to be forfeited, yet not instantly. He stays in Umuofia for a few decades, and you will at that time the guy lifetime under Okonkwo’s rooftop. He gets such as for instance part of Okonkwo’s family. But eventually new Oracle requires the fresh boy’s passing, and you can a team of males bring Ikemefuna off to destroy your from the tree. Okonkwo, scared of being regarded as soft-hearted and you will weak, participates throughout the boy’s demise. The guy really does very inspite of the advice of clan elders. Nwoye try spiritually damaged by the feel.

She enjoys their increasingly

Okonkwo is shaken too, however, the guy continues together with his push being an excellent lord out-of his clan. Ekwefi features born ten people, but only Ezinma enjoys live. Ezinma is sickly, and sometimes Ekwefi anxieties you to definitely Ezinma, also, commonly die. Later one-night, the strong Oracle out of Umuofia will bring Ezinma along with her to possess good spiritual run into into the earth-goddess. Frightened, Ekwefi employs the newest Oracle at a distance, fearing damage you are going to visited the lady child. Okonkwo uses, too.

Afterwards, while in the a funeral for just one of one’s high people of your clan, Okonkwo’s gun explodes, eliminating a child. According to Umuofia’s laws, Okonkwo along with his family have to be exiled having 7 age.

Okonkwo holds the fresh new exile bitterly. Main in order to his beliefs are believe you to a man positives their individual destiny. However the accident and you may exile try evidence you to definitely oftentimes guy never handle his own destiny, and you may Okonkwo is actually compelled to initiate once more without having any electricity and effort from their youth. The guy flees together with family to help you Mbanto, his mother’s homeland. Around he could be gotten of the their mom’s relatives, just who eliminate her or him generously. His mom’s family members are on course by the Uchendu, Okonkwo’s sibling, a large and you can wise old man.

While in the Okonkwo’s exile, this new light child concerns each other Umuofia and Mbanto. The fresh new missionaries are available basic, preaching a religion you to definitely appears upset with the Igbo somebody. It earn turns, but usually the transforms is men away from reduced score or outcasts. not, eventually, the new religion progress impetus. Nwoye will get a change. When Okonkwo finds out out of Nwoye’s conversion, the guy sounds this new son. Nwoye makes home.

Okonkwo output to Umuofia to find the clan unfortuitously changed. Brand new chapel features acquired certain transforms, the just who are fanatical and disrespectful off clan individualized. Even worse, the brand new light people’s regulators has arrived so you can Umuofia. The latest clan has stopped being free to court its very own; a district Administrator judges circumstances inside the ignorance. They are supported by armed energy.

He could be always disturb by Nwoye, however, he’s great love for his child Ezinma, his son from the his 2nd partner Ekwefi

Throughout a religious event, a change unmasks one of several clan spirits. The newest offense is actually grave, along with response this new clan find that chapel have a tendency to zero stretched getting greet for the Umuofia. They tear this building down. In the near future a short while later, the newest Section Commissioner asks brand new leadership of your own clan, Okonkwo included in this, in the future discover him to own a peaceful fulfilling. The leadership appear, and are quickly captured. Into the prison, he could be ashamed and defeated, and are usually kept up until the clan pays a heavy good.

Just after a release of brand new people, brand new clan calls an event to decide if they often endeavor otherwise make an effort to live peacefully toward whites. Okonkwo wishes battle. For the fulfilling, courtroom messengers come to order the fresh new males to break upwards its collecting. The fresh new clan conferences are the heart out of Umuofia’s authorities; all decisions is actually achieved democratically, and you will a disturbance with this specific institution setting the termination of the new history vestiges off Umuofia’s versatility. Aggravated, Okonkwo kills the fresh judge live messenger. The other courtroom messengers avoid, and since another individuals of their clan didn’t seize her or him, Okonkwo understands that his people will perhaps not prefer conflict. Their work from opposition will not be accompanied by anybody else. Embittered and you may grieving for the depletion from their mans independence, and dreading new embarrassment out-of passing away below light laws, Okonkwo production home and you may hangs himself.

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